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SvennoJ said:
Chris Hu said:

So, I'm guessing your favorite track is either Fuji Speedway, Interlagos Circuit or one of the fictional tracks.  Speaking of fictional GT tracks someone made a pretty good copy of High Speed Ring in Forza Horizon 5 and it's featured in this week's playlist as the featured events lab race.

Fuji is my most hated track lol, what a waste of space :) Interlagos is all right depending on the people playing. DT Seaside is one of my favorite fictional tracks. However the best track in the world is (race this morning) Nurburgring 24H circuit.

The player base is getting pretty low now in GT Sport (down to 20K weekly sport mode players), however that 6 player room (9 in the morning) was an exception. Atm the rooms are full again (up to 20 players) and very competitive, mostly clean. Great fun :)

The long version of the Ring is in almost every track-based racing games.  It is one of my least favorite tracks.  I do like the short version of the track but wouldn't call it one of my favorites.  When it comes to longer tracks I think LeMans is my favorite track.  I also like the LeMans short track the Bugatti Circuit that track is in very few track-based racing games.