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Soundwave said:
Paatar said:

Too soon for the Switch 2. They’ll most likely launch a Switch pro with Zelda as a definitive last iteration of the console kind of the like the 2DS XL’s. 

Metroid Prime 4 will probably be the cross Gen launch title in addition to Mario Kart 9. Switch 2 probably won’t hit the shelves until 2024, or early 2025. 

Ordering new hardware isn't like going into a drive through and just picking out a hamburger and fries. It takes years of development, Nintendo likely greenlit development on this chip with Nvidia in 2019 if not sooner than that even. And that makes perfect sense, if you're sitting in 2019, you're presuming a 6 year product cycle and have no idea that COVID is coming or a chip shortage is happening, you would assume 2023 would be the time you need a new chip because that's exactly the same time frame even the successful DS and Wii needed new hardware. 

So it just happens to be ready probably by now, and there likely is no benefit to Nintendo to just sit on the hardware. They may even be under a contractual agreeement that they have to ship XYZ number of units because Nvidia is expecting to be paid per unit some level or royalty fee beginning in 2023. Nvidia doesn't work for free and certainly isn't supplying several years of R&D to Nintendo in a "just pay me when you feel like it" fashion. 

I don't think Switch-Super Switch will be a traditional console transition in that I don't think one hardware is going to just suddenly stop. I can even see Mario Kart 9 being cross-gen, you'll just get it in 4K maybe with some ray tracing turned on for Super Switch (Switch 2). The Switch userbase is too big for Nintendo to want to go back to something with only 10-20-30 million users for a while. They'll likely just have a very, very long cross gen period and let 3rd parties make exclusives if they want, but I suspect all major Switch titles for a long while will still work on the OG Switch. Which really isn't that different from what Sony and MS are doing, it's almost 2 years into the PS5/XSX product cycle and there's virtually no exclusives. It even looks like GTAVI may be cross gen. 

I never stated anything about the ‘ordering of new hardware’. I know it’s not like ordering a ‘hamburger and fries’

dont know where the hell that came from dude. Yikes. Also not debating on when the chip was green lit. We got MK8 DLC till the end of 23. Splatoon 3 is getting 2 years of free updates, so potentially that could be a launch title. But everything points to the Switch being their primary focus for the next two years. You’re arguing based on rumors and speculation and arguing points that I never even mentioned just to be argumentative. Take it down a notch. 

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