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Soundwave said:
gtotheunit91 said:

That's a good point. Nintendo never sells their consoles at a loss, and with the Switch on its way to becoming the best selling console of all time, the last thing Nintendo wants to do is bring the price down when there's clearly no reason to.

I'd be pretty floored if this thing is just $350.

Probably $399.99 minimum, could even see $449.99. 

The way to position it so as to not get into a $250 3DS launch situation is to just sell it as a premium addition to the Switch hardware family and not the start of a new product brand entirely and let it just be a bonus to whatever regular Switch units you sell for a few years. 

I was thinking more Nintendo not positioning themselves the way they did with the New 3DS. Where it had better hardware and played all DS/3DS games, but it had some exclusive games. Not that the list was that extensive, but what a kick in the balls it was.