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gtotheunit91 said:
Chrkeller said:

Correct.  Just because I bought something doesn't mean I have to use it.  And I'm guessing via Switch sales Nvidia is selling more than expected.  I would suspect their relationship with Nintendo is quite nice at the moment.  

Personally I am happy to upgrade...  but I've been told every year for 3 years now...  a new Switch is coming...  still waiting.  Will there ever be a point where people accept there isn't a Switch Pro?

And considering Nvidia is making millions off the Switch by selling almost 10 year old chips, I have no doubt they're beyond happy lol.

What has been consistent is getting a Switch revision every other year. 2017-launch Switch. 2019-Switch Lite. 2021-Switch OLED. With that consistent kind of releases, I wouldn't be surprised if we do get another hardware revision in 2023. Before this rumor, I was kind of expecting a Switch Lite OLED in 2023

For sure I could see a revision...  I just don't think it will be the 4k DSLL 60 fps Pro some people are expecting.  


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