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yo33331 said:

So with the new adjustments we now have a new low point for the Switch since 2019 - 249k (week ending August 20th).

Also something that I just found out.. I though after the launch there weren't any weeks that PS5 passed the Switch .. It turns out there have been two .. (maybe they were adjusted not long ago, because I am pretty sure they weren't the same when I looked some time ago) The weeks are from last year - weeks ending september 25th and october 2nd. PS5 beat the Switch both weeks by about 15k.

I'm sure the overlap has shown for a long while, I can't say for certain if it's always been 2 consecutive weeks but believe that last pre-OLED week has been PS5>NS at least since early 2022.

Here are the original estimates for w/e Oct2nd:
Switch is basically the same, PS5 up by 25k.

Last edited by HigHurtenflurst - on 20 September 2022