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Conina said:

Got a great deal on 256 GB SanDisk Ultra microSD cards.
Bought 4 x 256 GB (so 1 TB in total) for 30 €.

It's time to label my SD-card-adapters with stickers, which show logos of the game series on each microSD card.

One of my microSD-cards is filled with all compatible LEGO games, one with all Telltale games (+ Life is Strange + David Cage), one with Emulation stuff. The next ones will be filled with Assassin's Creed games, Batman Arkham games and Tomb Raider games.

Maybe one micro-SD card with racing games, logo will be a car.

So far I've prepared these logos, but perhaps I'll change them:

Got a few more microSD-card on sales.

Currently the games are separated to point&click adventures, interactive stories (Telltale Games/Quantic Dreams/Life is Strange), first person shooters, platformers ( + Batman Arkham), Sony PC ports, Tomb Raider/PoP, Ubisoft Launcher (Assassin's Creed/South Park), Origin Launcher, Western RPGs, JRPGs, LEGO games and emulation:

The SD-card box has additional space for another 24 microSD-cards without SD-adapters