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SKMBlake said:

Less than 60 million.

They keep pushing themselves further and further from the hardware, and I can def see a new affordable portable pc market with docking station becoming the new stuff for the generation, pushing people who want to play on Game Pass using this instead

That doesn't make much sense.

With PC components everyone wants some profit and it's much more difficult to cross-finance with software sales. As such, an affordable portable gaming PC with Docking station would be more expensive than a series X no matter which way you turn it - and less powerful than a series S while doing so. Just look at the price of the Steam Deck, $529 for a version who's actually worth it (the 64GB MMC version is too crippling).

Also, my biggest complaints about the Steam deck are it's weight and battery life. If you want something powerful enough, the battery needs to be big and heavy. Right now, we're not yet at the point where you can get enough battery life with enough performance to consider it enough of a competition to the Series S/X. Maybe a couple years down the road, but by then, the Series S/X will already be damn close to those 60M.