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Mar1217 said:

Greed for greed's sake isn't something I'd want to encourage with the "oh, it doesn't affect me so it's fine" or " just wait for the sales, they're cheaper that way" crowd.

I mean... I prefer optional DLCs and MTX followed by stiff price discounts to the second option: Keeping the 60 USD price forever (Hello Ninty)

It's simply much cheaper that way

The simple fact this is even up for debate is a bit concerning, because shows how some customers completely lack self-control and are prone to impulse-buying thus spending more money than they need to. While gaming company's exploitation does indeed sucks, this shows the problem is deeper and rooted and bad consuming habits, but I guess this is a much broader discussion and I have no basis or knowledge background to explain why the heck people pay 70 USD for games that they don't even hate time to play due to big gaming backlogs, why not just waiting?