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Jumpin said:
VideoGameAccountant said:

I think I explained the issues with the game very well. It's not a good game. But let me simplify it. 3 does everything X was trying to do but far better. It also has some semblance of a story and likeable characters. The only thing X might do better is the music. If someone asked if they should play X, I would just tell them to play 3. But X is just a bad game no matter how you slice it. 

Ah! So the reason you’re “not sure how anyone here can say X is the best game,” is you fancy yourself some sort of authority on what makes a game good and what people’s tastes and opinions ought to be. That’s why I you can’t comprehend people having different tastes and opinions than you.

The truth is your reasons mean fuck all to people who value and enjoy different elements in games. That’s why a good chunk of people like Xenoblade X the best. I think that’s a point we can agree on.


No you complete dingus, I'm saying "I'm not sure how anyone here can say X is the best game, let alone a good video game." and then I explained it. Obviously, my post are my opinion talking from my point of view. A game being good or bad is subjective, so when I say "Xenoblade Chronicles is the worst game ever released on the Wii U", that's implied that it's my opinion. Likewise, no review, including ones on this site, are not going to preface every statement with "In my opinion..." because obviously, that's implied. Furthermore, people can like a lot of things, but you bringing that fact up is not insightful or even helpful to the conversation. Next your going to tell me the sky is blue as if its some big revelation. 

Unless you are going to tell me why you think it's good or my points are wrong, all you are doing is a "wELL aCTUALLTY" nonsense. You don't like how I said something and now your making a tizzy about it. 

Please say something of substance next time. Cheers.

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