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Chrkeller said:

Is Sony's succes our greatest enemy?

Does the PS5 REALLY destroy the Switch? 

OT: Sony is reacting to the rising price of game development. $70 sucks, but if you are patient, they will have pretty good deals down the road. 

You want to talk predatory, there is nothing more predatory than paid gachapon and loot boxes. They are basically casinos targeted in part towarda children. Only casinos pay out cash instead of collections of polygons. EA, Activision, Rockstar, Epic, Tencent, NetEase, and Hoyoverse make billions off of whales. Sony tried to pull some shady stuff with GT7, but backed off over public outcry. Meanwhile Activision is having an “I told you so” moment as people pump millions of dollars into Diablo Immortal.

Last edited by SanAndreasX - on 10 September 2022