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Finally finished playing XC3, so now I have completed all 4 games. Probably doesn't matter but the order I played and beat them in is: XCX, XC2, XCDE, XC3

After I beat XCDE, I couldn't really decide if I liked it more than XC2 (which after a year, I've came to the conclusion that XC2 is better than XCDE) but XC3 is definitely better than XC2. My biggest issue with XC games is that they have a really slow start and take a while to pull you in, which XC3 is the best in that regard (only takes 1-2hrs before it starts getting interesting). After you get past a certain point, the game really pulls you in till you beat it.

XC2 still has the superior soundtrack, but the improved gameplay over XC1 is trumped by XC3 that basically fuses both elements together
XC1 story is still better than XC2, but not as good as XC3
XCX... was fun when I played it

XC3 (9.8/10) > XC2 (9.5)/10 > XCDE (9/10) > XCX (5.8/10)

Bonus: Definitely would like to see a XC4 in the future, but being a continuation of this story really depends on how the DLC expansion shapes out to be.

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