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COKTOE said:

It's fascinating to me, how I have more reverence for her now, than I have had at any other point in my life. Part of this is because the bar for what a geopolitical figurehead, elected or otherwise, has been so severely lowered, that the abject nonsense of the very concept of Kings and Queens, divine right, ect, seems trite when weighed against the tangible malice that the current power structures represents. I pine for the days when I could mock the pageantry of "My Queen " as I did with my friend Miguel when the CBC covered some long forgotten ceremony in the summer of 1994, where the train of her dress fell 80ft behind her. And part of it is because I know that she was, at the very least, dedicated to her role, and I believe, did a fairly good job. Maybe even better than I would have done as Queen.

My Queen. Rest In Peace.

Someone pointed out that, as Britain lacks a formal unified Constitution like the United States has, that the sovereign functions as sort of a living constitution.