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Model vs Model Comparison


2nd Half Year

W##: LITE --- OLED
W27: 13.8k -- 43.8k
W28: 24.6k -- 26.3k
W29: 17.4k -- 29.2k
W30: 16.4k -- 28.7k
W31: 20.1k -- 42.4k
W32: 33.8k -- 47.4k
W33: 28.4k -- 47.4k
W34: 21.0k -- 31.3k
W35: 24.0k -- 87.3k
W36: 31.7k -- 66.4k
W37: 30.5k --
W38: 32.2k --
W39: 28.4k --
W40: 24.9k --

Lifetime Aligned (48 weeks)

LITE: 2511k
Oled: 2378k

Difference: 133k