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First off, I'm not sure how anyone here can say X is the best game, let alone a good video game. There is so much grinding and a lack of any real narrative that it was a miserable experience. And the story that was there? Very bad. It doesn't help that the game ends on a cliffhanger for some reason. As for the grinding, consider this. Every chapter has some requirement to access it. Some of these are Heart to Heart quest which require you to have the character in your party. HOWEVER, ever story mission requires you to have the MC, Elma and Lin in your party. Furthermore, Levels don't carry across characters. So guess what, more grinding. It also doesn't help that a lot of the later chapters are "Go to X location and fight the boss." And OH BOY those "I want to eat Tatsu" jokes that happen through the whole game. They stopped being funny a few minutes after being introduced so I'm not sure why they kept them going. The only good thing about it was some of the music was great and the pollen area is amazing. 

As for the other three, they are all great. XC1 is the worst of the three mostly due to the lull in the middle of the game. Once you pass Valak Mountain, the game is downhill until the twist. It's also bad because Melia will legit sit in the back and say nothing. The later half of the game is fighting mechon in linear corridors and having Fiora complain about "her body". It's rough. I think one of the big reasons everyone loves Melia is her arch happens at one of the game's high points. The combat also falls apart past that point as there isn't enough healing in the game for the systems to work. Post game is a waste since level determines accuracy, so fighting super bosses means you are limited in building your characters.

XC2 is the best. The biggest issue with it is the VAs weren't given a lot of guidance and their voices sound off until later chapters (compare Nia and Morag in Chapter 2 and towards the end of the game). The game takes a while to get going and Chapter 4 is a slog (which sucks because it's good characterization for Tora and Poppi). But if you get past Chapter 4, it only improves towards the end. Combat is the best in all the games and gives you a ton of variety in how to play. Post game is great and New Game + gives you 7 new blades. Music is also great

XC3 (right now) seems good for it's shear about of content. However, it's pretty linear until mid way through Chapter 3. Also, after the big twist at the beginning of Chapter 6, the game feels rushed. I think this is exemplified by after beating X and Y. They just fad away. Heck, even the big dragon got a cutscene. The one saving grace is the ending is amazing and you get to see Nia and Melia. Also nice you can use them in the post game too and they have some cool quest. The main cast is great and the chemistry is outstanding. It also just does everything X was trying to do but better. 

My Ratings

2>3>1>>>>>>>>Most other videogames>>>>>>>>x

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