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Paatar said:
Chrkeller said:

To each their own.  Frankly I prefer the more simple approach to characters and story.  Most modern jrpgs are just plain silly in their complexity, just my opinion.  

I don’t mind simple every now and then, but when simple is is flattened out by whiny characters with writing of a 14 year old fan game, it shouldn’t be considered a ‘great story’. Nothing about it is great. It’s just, there. Mediocre. 

 I just dont understand the appeal for that game at all. Even the graphics, while the art style is absolutely amazing, the geometry pop in is horrendous and completely destroys the immersion. Even Xenoblade 3 has better geometry pop in. 

I've been playing the ps5 version.  I've yet to notice pop in.  I'm 10 hours in.  I love it thus far.