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Paatar said:
Chrkeller said:

I don't stay up on games as well as others, but I am playing Tales of Arise and it is one of the best jrpgs I've played in a long time. Great story, visual, combats, music, etc. I got the super deluxe edition for $50, seemed like a reasonable price. I've been waiting to play it since $100 deluxe is something I refused to support.

Enjoy what you enjoy, but the story and characters in Arise are hot garbage. The characters are extremely 1 dimensional and the story does nothing new for the industry. It falls back on a ton of cliches accompanied by poor writing. I literally could not finish the game (watched a YouTube video of the ending) and I love the Tales of games and JRPG’s as a whole and I’ve been very strong on my stance that it’s one of the worst triple A JRPG’s I have played in a long time. 

You must be fun at parties. "This song sucks, the chord progression is derivative and the guitar tuning is generic."

who the heck cares, dude, it's still got me dancing. 

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