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Paatar said:
Chrkeller said:

I don't stay up on games as well as others, but I am playing Tales of Arise and it is one of the best jrpgs I've played in a long time. Great story, visual, combats, music, etc. I got the super deluxe edition for $50, seemed like a reasonable price. I've been waiting to play it since $100 deluxe is something I refused to support.

Enjoy what you enjoy, but the story and characters in Arise are hot garbage. The characters are extremely 1 dimensional and the story does nothing new for the industry. It falls back on a ton of cliches accompanied by poor writing. I literally could not finish the game (watched a YouTube video of the ending) and I love the Tales of games and JRPG’s as a whole and I’ve been very strong on my stance that it’s one of the worst triple A JRPG’s I have played in a long time. 

To each their own.  Frankly I prefer the more simple approach to characters and story.  Most modern jrpgs are just plain silly in their complexity, just my opinion.