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Jumpin said:
Dante9 said:

Even though these are private companies, they have become very much public utilities and as such, their influence is massive. Everybody should understand how dangerous they can be in the hands of extreme ideologs of any stripe.
Whatever you think of Musk, he is undeniably not in the business of censorship, but rather making sure that everyone gets to speak regardless of their political leanings.
The enforcing of the TOS on Twitter has been at best inconsistent and at worst clearly biased or even political suppression.
Cracking a window and letting some sunlight in can only be a good thing here, for anyone who has nothing to hide.

You actually believe that crap?

As for his Twitter comment, I assume he means bias against conservatives:

It never ceases to amaze me how conservatives can convince themselves and others that the deck is stacked against them when that couldn't be less true. That's the victim complex that fuels the whole movement for you.