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Ryuu96 said:

Wherever ma thread goes! Lol.

Probably just stick to Discord, I hate XboxEra's layout and don't like a site focused on one specific thing, ResetEra is a bit too huge for me, I think, I like that we're small (although wish we were bigger) because it feels like we all mostly know each other and if I joined a massive forum I would lose that.

InstallBase seems like a sensible option for users of VGChartz if the site ever died cause we share similar focus (in sales), it would be my #1 choice if they had topics other than sales on the site.

Maybe we create our own site or buy VGChartz off Ioi, Lol.

I'll try to stick around to the very end though, doing what I can to try to improve things but it's hard to have faith in the future of the site when the owner doesn't seem to care but forums in general are dying outside of the juggernauts.