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mjk45 said:

I was about to give you the benefit of the doubt with the Foxy land games since we all make mistakes and later games can be better, but I can't trust the gaming opinions of anyone who follows up Mayo with the rest of the series, now like I said in reference to Foxy land an occasional mistake doesn't render ones opinion null and void but in  the Mayo case insanity does.😜😁😎

In my defense, I'm a furry and I actually enjoyed playing FoxyLand and Black Wolf. So while the plats were a joke there, I bought those games for the actual gameplay. 

My Name is Mayo I got as a joke because I kept hearing about how hilariously bad it is/was, and since I got the first two at the same time, I couldn't NOT get part 3! 

The Jumping Burger/Fries, I didn't realize we were on a cusp of Platinum-for-sale games. I had my trolly meme fun, I'm done with that crap. Especially since it feels like I can't log onto PS Store without seeing 10 new Trophy-Microtransaction games. Because that's what they are. They're microtransactions where you buy trophies. simple as that. 

And come on, most of the list is pretty big or involving or difficult games. I got the cuphead platinum trophy, bro! cut me some slack! yeah that's right, I'm flashing my e-peen, how many of YOU got the cuphead trophy?! (It wasn't that hard, actually. required some effort and persistence but it genuinely wasn't one of the hardest or most time-consuming plats I ever got.) 

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