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Olivernintentoal said:
deerox said:

Biggest opening for a Xenoblade game:

[WII] Xenoblade (Nintendo) - 82.952
[3DS] Xenoblade Chronicles 3D |new 3DS| (Nintendo) {2015.04.02} (¥3.996) - 56.932
[WIIU] Xenoblade Chronicles X # (Nintendo) {2015.04.29} (¥8.316) - 85.586
[NSW] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Nintendo, 12/01/17) – 97,732
[NSW] Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (Nintendo, 05/29/20) – 90,789
[NSW] Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Nintendo, 07/29/22) – 112,728

I was guessing over 140k for Xenoblade, but digital is probably much higher than for Xenoblade 2.

A little surprised X is so close to the others too, considering the relevance of Wii U vs 3DS or NSW.