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Well might as well give the full list. I won't include remakes, and I'll just go with whichever version I've played in each gen.

  1. Gen 2 - Crystal (Great Pokémons, best end game content with a whole extra region and the music and sprite art are some of my favorite along with Gen 3)
  2. Gen 3 - Ruby (Pretty much interchangeable for my number 1. Great new Pokémons and some solid QoL improvements)
  3. Gen 6 - X (Of the newer gens it has the best new Pokémons and Mega evolutions were pretty cool even if some of them were kinda ugly. Its only big flaw is being the biggest cakewalk of the series)
  4. Gen 4 - Diamond (A pretty great game in most areas but the beginning of the downfall for Pokémon designs. There were still some pretty nice ones tho)
  5. Gen 1 - Yellow (Still the best Pokémon designs in the series and really great for it's time, but admittedly outdated in a lot of ways)
  6. Gen 8 - Shield (I like the removal of random encounters. Other than that it's a good enough game but nothing special. Most new pokemon designs and forms are also pretty bad)
  7. Gen 7 - Ultra Sun (Not at all a bad game, but probably the most forgettable game to me, which is almost impressive considering how different it was)
  8. Gen 5 - Black (While I can respect what they were going for with this one, the end result is a game with a large focus on a story I don't care for, filled with Pokémon I don't really like...)

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