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Chrkeller said:
DonFerrari said:

I sure agree. But sometimes they even forget PS5 and Series X aren't 3090 when they do their review =p

Agreed 100%.  Especially when checkerboarding to 4k at 60 fps is amazing.  Not being native 4k isn't a big deal at all.  Personally I think upscaling is being undervalued.  

Considering constraints on horsepower and even though I don`t care much for 60fps I sure would trade-off native 4k30fps for a good upscalling solution (like checkerboard) to have 4k60fps and even more if games is fluid and ok on 30fps to use the savings of the checkerboard on other IQ parts of games.

Haven't played Xeno yet, but for my taste Mario Oddissey looked great.

And a title that push the boundaries of the platform and looks or play better than any that came before deserves praise for it (even if you don't like the particular genre or game) instead of being compared with what is simply not possible on the system.

Last edited by DonFerrari - on 01 August 2022

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