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Haven't played original Red/Blue, only Yellow
Haven't played Silver/Gold either, only Crystal

4 > 3 > 6 > 5 > 7 > 8

4 and 3 are good. The only "real" good games

Generation 5 is when I felt the things were getting stalled. Generation is like Generation 4 with a worse Dex and worse map/region (but better story)

Generation 6 bring Mega, better graphics and a more organized and balanced competitive, but the story/single-player mode reached an all time low at this point. If the formula was already boring at Gene 5, here it was borderline unbearable. It's a game that was exclusively saved by its multi-player 

5 is a better game than 6, but 6 had a better multiplayer so I'm picking 6 over 5

7 is ok.  They tried to insert some new mechanics with trials and quests, but ultimately they fell short and weren't that fun or engaging, as result they step back and and the outcome was...

... Generation 8 which is by far the weakest. It's Generation 6 with a worse gimmick (Gingatomax), worse map, worse Dex (not even complete), worse mechanics and without a more unbalanced competitive 

Last edited by IcaroRibeiro - on 01 August 2022