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A few years ago this would be exciting but I'm fatigued tbh. The films are all starting to blend together. The last time I was excited was Captain Marvel and it was a pile of donkey shit. Endgame was ok but again a lot of cringe moments. The last one I liked was Ragnorok and GOTG 2. Loki was fun. Wandavision was shit. Falcon was nice as it felt a little more grounded.

I watched the TMNT 190 film the other day and man was it refreshing that the final showdown is just 5 actors on a rooftop and stunts and not giant CGI fest of noise. Not asking for Super hero films to go away but to dial it way way way down. A simpler film is fresh at this point. No Black Widow is not simpler when they still throw all these massive action scenes in there.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!