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Their options are: Tegra Orin, AMD Phoenix Point (Successor to Rembrandt), Intel Raptor Lake (Successor to Alder Lake), Snapdragon 9/9+, Exynos 2300 or it's successor (Has RDNA2 cores.)... The other ARM manufacturers aren't on the same level with competent GPU's unless it's licensed from another party.

I doubt they will go much newer or older than these.

Seems they had a better experience than Microsoft or Sony with their chip supplies, so the possibility of nVidia being the partner again is real.

...But AMD is also not the same AMD either. Rembrandt has proven they are extremely competent at making low power SoC's.

I think the best thing we can hope for is capabilities that are a little better than the base Playstation 4, sort of how the current Switch is better than the Playstation 3/Xbox 360.

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