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yo33331 said:
Wyrdness said:

Except people have bookmarked positive predictions they never returned to those threads because so far the platform has met those predictions, look up the thread where someone predicted 100m years back or the will switch overtake PS4 thread.

Another example is Rols Open Your Eyes thread go ahead and read the first half of it, those who dismissed the optimism never returned to it. 

Yes they have never returned yet because they give so high predictions that we have to wait through all of Switch lifecycle to prove that they will be wrong. And no the platform hasn't met those predictions. I am talking about 160M+ 180M and 200M. There are such predictions and they are not only 1, at least couple in the polls and even sometimes in the comments of the sales articles. I am not talking about 100M prediction. Even I myselft said in one of my recents posts that I expected Switch to be able to reach 100M when seeing the sales pace back in 2018 and 2019.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Personally, I have put my Switch prediction in my signature.  I made a thread predicting Switch's success, and if I'm wrong everyone will know it, and if I'm right then everyone will know it.  My view is that if you really believe in your prediction, then you need to stand by it, and if you're wrong then you need to own up to it.

Yep, that's the way it should be!

Except up until two years ago 100m was laughed at by some people who were sure the Switch successor would be out by now the same way you think 160m is too high when realistically it can be attained go back and read the early threads. You are ironically doing what they did as under current momentum Switch is going to finish 2022 at around 125m this means your original 130m prediction will be met around the end of the FY.

Under a normal drop off this makes 160m possible despite how optimistic it seems as the platform is heading for lt sales with in that region, someone being wrong in that case if the Switch sells 155m for example is not as bad as someone declaring it can never sell 100m hence why predictions like the latter are often revisited.

As for 180m you are free to bookmark them nothing is stopping you.