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yo33331 said:
curl-6 said:

Bookmarking predictions is a good way to keep track.
I even have a few from years back:

It's interesting that it has been only talk about some guys giving switch very weak predictions for it's lifecycle overall, however there have never been talk or bookmarkings like this for guys talking about how Switch will reach 200M or 180M or how it will surely pass 160M (something that is very very doubtful)

So you (and other people) have point posts that are giving way too pesimistic predictions however the posts that are wayyy too optimistic go unnoticed ? why ?

and when it is all said and done everyone will point at such post with pesimistic wrong predictions however no one will point to those optimistic ones - 160M+, 180M 200M (if for example switch finish 140M or 150M or 155M if you want.)

And also why only Switch ? Why not searching and tagging/bookmarking posts for PS4 (years ago that know can be laughed at) or PS5, XBSX or even XB1 if you want.

Also since you bookmarked it for the end of the year, okay, cool, however then we can see only one thing - the prediction of 20M. The prediction for 15 to 18M from last year is no more valid since one of the conditions I made that prediction isn't valid. (just pointing out)

Oh yeah, another question too. Why only my prediction is getting under the knive ? Why not bookmark and look at every prediction everyone made for this year in the thread about the 2022 predictions ? Why at end of the year all attetion will be here to one prediction ?

Personally, I have put my Switch prediction in my signature.  I made a thread predicting Switch's success, and if I'm wrong everyone will know it, and if I'm right then everyone will know it.  My view is that if you really believe in your prediction, then you need to stand by it, and if you're wrong then you need to own up to it.