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zero129 said:
Drakrami said:

Microsoft is in Sony's territory you mean. Sony's been the one pumping out AAA single player games the last 2 generations and selling 10s of millions of copies, not Microsoft lol. Microsoft is throwing money trying to catch up. 

What are some of your example of "Japanese games" by the way?? 

Your not even worth that one upvote you have.

Halo, Gears, all that western games MS had at first means nothing?.

God of War comes before Gears (that wasn't even owned or made by MS). Plus Halo and Gears aren't focused on the SP.

Syphon Filter is a PS1 game that would be an AAA by the time standard. Legend of Dragoon as well.

And if you count Gears than just so much games exclusive to PS would enter since PS1 and 2 that it would be to much to even include.

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