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Leynos said:
DonFerrari said:

From what I remember you weren't the one making a thread of if not what I like it is wrong. Although you are someone that complain about almost any game, from any company on vgc very regularly. Like if it isn't old or obscure it is bad.

Misconception. The state of the modern industry is in bad shape and AAA games in general are often lacking in innovation,creativity but often mediocre games with high production value and predatory practices. That's been my issue.

If I considered anything old and  obscure good then Double Dungeons would be amazing rofl

I didn't say you consider anything old and obscure good, but almost every thread you complain about a current game. My point was that if a game isn't old or obscure you say it is bad, not that being old and obscure make it always good.

Being orfan at 40+ year old is quite sad.

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