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Leynos said:
DonFerrari said:

Is this another one of the threads with "if it doesn't match my taste it is wrong"? Three in a single week and all aimed against Sony. They must be doing something right.

Dual Sense is a great controller. I like they let me choose my own SSD rather than a console branded one at twice the price which MS went with. I like how much quieter PS5 is compared tot he jet engine of PS4. Install times are very short compared to PS4 and I am looking forward to a whole slew of PS5 games. Soul Hackers 2. SD Gundam Battle Alliance. Evil West. GunGrave GORE. Soulstice. Star Ocean. Dusk Diver 2. Starting next month my PS5 is getting fed and I look forward to it as I like playing the PS5 a lot. I hope Sony shows more of project Eve soon as it looked really interesting. Maybe South Korean Bayo? No idea.

I believe mark Cerny designed a smarter console than MS did.  Not trying to put down Series X. Just saying despite how ugly PS5 is. It's been a good console in the months I owned it. The BC with PS4 games for me has been flawless. Even playing some really obscure disc games they work fine. I thank Sony for giving out Wild Arms for free to PS+ users who didn't upgrade.  This week been playing Gundam Maxiboost, Replayng The Ascent,Ruiner, Nex Machina and Curved Space.

I love my blue case for it and purple controller plus the SEGA Saturn and Ikaruga stickers on my PS5.

I hope that's positive enough.  Oh and I still love my Vita. Played some Macross Delta Scamble on it the other day.

From what I remember you weren't the one making a thread of if not what I like it is wrong. Although you are someone that complain about almost any game, from any company on vgc very regularly. Like if it isn't old or obscure it is bad.

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