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Sogreblute said:
Drakrami said:

PS plus have almost double the subrcribers of GamePass. I think they are doing ok. 

As for japanese developers being pushed away, who? The well known japanese games like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Koei, Tales of, Square Enix rpgs, Persona, From Software all seems to have a good relationship to Sony or even exclusive to Playstation. So what you have written is essentially the opposite of reality? 

1. You cannot compare Game Pass to PS+. A better comparison would be Xbox Live Gold and PS+. If PS+ removed the need for online and cloud saves, then you can compare them. PS+ subs would plummet if paid online was removed.

2. IDK if your responding to RolStoppable, but if you are you missed his point. He said Japanese developers would look beyond Playstation, not pushed away. And he's correct, a lot of the big Japanese games you can also find on PC and Xbox. Yes, some of those games you listed used to be PS exclusive, but no more. Resident Evil multiplat, Monster Hunter multiplat, Tales of multiplat, Square Enix games multiplat, Persona multiplat, From Software multiplat. You are no longer tied down to PS consoles and can play on systems you prefer.

1 - Ok, and PS+ have been about 2x what XBL Gold were since the early days of PS4.

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