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Paperboy_J said:

Also, not enough people of color. Yep, I'm gonna be "that guy," he was bound to show up sooner or later so don't act surprised. :p

It's just astounding to me how you can have people with pink, green, purple hair walking around like it's totally normal, women with unrealistic proportions and curves that Japanese women don't typically have, guys with the physical strength of an elephant that's simply impossible, but adding a few people of color is simply too much to ask.

It's not a big deal and I'll live without it, but having more diversity in anime would be nice, seeing as how anime is huge in the black community anyway.  That's why I applaud shows like Cowboy Bebop that try to be inclusive.

I know I'm going to be "that guy" as well, but it's obviously because they're making it from their perspective. A lot of people assume these characters are white, but Japanese view them as themselves. Unless specifically stated or the setting "fits" with a certain culture, these characters are Asian. Goku, Naruto, Luffy, Saitama, they are all asians. Asians are quite interesting when it comes to skin color. A lot of people probably stereotypes them as "yellow" but in reality they can be brown, white, and yellow. 

Another thing to realize, Japan is not like America. America has multiple races, they are a global country. Japan is getting there, but Asian countries are especially far from globalized. Most people in their surrounding are their own people so they just aren't exposed to different kind of culture or people making it difficult to comprehend these things. It's especially difficult for Black people because Japanese culture and Black culture are like polar opposite. 

Another thing to realize, it is controversial, offensive and stressful for people to draw about another race. Ghost of Tsushima is a great example, there are going to be people that brings up "cultural appropriation" and it will stay. So many people ironically blame the "white people" despite these same people always complaining against stereotypes but I've seen other races get offended by it as well. I'm not a fan of how so many people are "protesting" or "calling out" current society yet they are also doing what they are against. The contradiction, delusion, it's crazy. Why can't people just be more neutral.

Another thing to realize, isn't promoting diversity in fact discrimination? The act of just adding a certain color or different people just because, is imo discrimination itself. It needs to be more natural, but I'm assuming it's extremely difficult to make it fit when you as a creator haven't experienced nor very knowledgeable in the stuff you're making. I hate to bring this up but I feel this way towards College/Universities. They "promote" diversity and chooses certain races over another. 

With that being said, I understand your dissatisfaction, hopefully in the future all of these nonsense can go away (probs not gonna happen cuz humanity). There are definitely more aspects that would take forever to cover, and obviously it's not like there aren't racist people in Japan, any country have those type of people. But since we are talking about in general, these are the general reasons I think. In order to change this, there needs to be changes in Japan as a country and global society. In fact Japan has changed so much in the past decade trying to globalize and such! Good news? Not really cuz change doesn't necessarily mean a good thing and these changes aren't really bright imo. The citizens and politicians there are hella dumb, they're following the steps of America but quicker. It's divided into, the left saying "let's globalize and copy other countries bcuz I hate my own country and I admire foreign countries" and the right saying "no we're keeping our ways!". Just like here in America, obviously that's not going to be good cuz the distance between the two are just going to expand even further. Japan is basically keeping their bad habits, and also taking in foreign bad habits while removing their good habits in the process. So fcking stupid. That's why neutrality is far more significant and successful, it's supposed to be keeping our good habits while taking in other good habits from different culture and country! But staying neutral isn't easy to do nor a guarantee success. Sometimes putting everything on one side leads to "success" just like video game. China is an example of that. Ted talk of my rant on current humanity.