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Is this supposed to be satire or something lol?

The idea that PlayStation games are too "movie-y" and it will be an inevitable bubble that will collapse is hilarious. Their production values set them apart, and there's a massive gap with PlayStation and the rest of the industry when it comes to story driven, single player games, but that doesn't mean titles like God of War, The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Forbidden West, don't have good to great gameplay. There's a massive market for these huge, story driven, single player games, with high production values, tight gameplay, and immersive worlds that Sony has a stranglehold in, with a few other alternatives available on the market. Sony still has Japanese developers, one of which just released another tentpole IP, which is currently top ten YTD for all platforms in NA + Europe.

Sony is already growing the PlayStation brand over in China, creating inroads with local development teams, and starting initiatives like the China Hero Project. Genshin Impact is still a PlayStation console exclusive, to my knowledge, and its one of the most popular games in China. If the Chinese market expands for consoles, Sony will be a major part as to why, just like they've expanded Europe, and are currently expanding in other regions like the Middle East. PlayStation is not Xbox when it comes to the worldwide stage. Their first party software, from their major NA development teams, sell well in many major European markets, as well as RoTW.

As for GamePass being the future, that is still unclear, and even then, Sony is well positioned to offer movies, video games, television, anime, in an all for one subscription service, a value proposition that can disrupt streaming services as we know it. That's before considering what other major moves Sony has in store, and how their multimedia push amplifies Sony Pictures and Sony Interactive, increasing the amount of value they can extract from IP's that tech giants, and most media goliaths, just can't do alone.