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axumblade said:
Runa216 said:

I just started playing this and WOW! What an immensely satisfying game to play with shocking depth in its combat system! it won't best Elden ring for Me, but hot damn it's great! Brings me back to my days playing Turtles in Time on SNES.

It’s so fun! We are trying to savor it at my place so we will just do a couple of levels a day but it brings back that feeling from playing the arcade and snes games from my childhood. I can’t wait for the Cowabunga Collection

I had a buddy over for his birthday last weekend, we did a 4-player coop run all the way through and had a blast. 

then, because my brain sucks and I can't just enjoy a game and move on, I proceeded to push forward and got the platinum trophy over the course of this week. Was a pain in the ass but it was a fun game so it was worth it. Seriously, only 1 trophy was actually BAD (The one where you beat the end boss without getting hit due to terrible RNG), while another (Beat Arcade mode on hard) was kind of annoying due to not being able to tell what difficulty you're in if you join a random crew online). 

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