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gtotheunit91 said:

It definitely feels like PC has become "neutral ground" in the gaming industry. You're not really taking away sales or business from your console because majority of those who buy a console either 1) can't afford a gaming PC 2) don't want to deal with the hassle of troubleshooting when needed and prefer a plug-n-play option or 3) that's just where their friends are and are comfortable with that ecosystem and love the console exclusive games.

Which there's nothing wrong with any of that as we all get to play our favorite games. PC has become a universal hub for games where consoles still give you a reason to opt for them if you prefer. Idk if Nintendo will ever make the jump to PC mainly because of how dependent they are on their consoles selling without the luxury of major conglomerate behind them, but also because they want to do their own thing. Sony and Microsoft primarily love power to their consoles whereas Nintendo loves gimmicks. I hope one day Nintendo can make it work.

And with Discord voice chat coming to Xbox and one day to PlayStation, we're all being more united regardless.

Even smartphones can play most of Nintendo games. If they release their games on PC their hardware were would decline severely because even a mid level PC would run their AAA titles better than a Switch, essentially rendering the points 1) and 2) irrelevant and the point 3 will follow suit once the hardware sales decline  

Nintendo would turn into a third party studio after a few years.

Personally speaking I would love to see Nintendo bankrupting and going into a third part publisher for PCs, but it's not realistic. They are too big, have a monopoly of portable market and an even deeper monopoly of japanese market. Currently I can see them releasing a Switch 2 with no hardware upgrades and still selling 20 million+ in Japan as long they keep their first party exclusive