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Hiku said:
twintail said:

The originals are more like 2D beat em ups but in 3D. More so than DMC which expects more finesse from the user.

But I personally find GoW >>> DMC.

As for GoW2018. Love the gameplay too, very satisfying combining Kratos with Atreus as a second attack.

And Valkyrie queen? *Chefs kiss*, what an awesome fight. Eventually beat her without taking damage. Battle just eventually clicked.and felt like I completely overpowered her.

But yeah, I can see the combat in GoW not being for everyone.

Initially I enjoyed the combat (against regular enemies), and having Atreus opening up enemies or following up on Kratos attacks.
Though for reasons I can't put my finger on, later on it was not un-enjoyable, but just whatever to me. An obstacle to get to the next storytime between Kratos, Atreus and Mimir. Which were great all the way through the game.

I enjoyed every Valkyrie battle. But after a couple of attempts against the Fire one, I was debating on whether I should try to kill the last two, or start a new game. And I went with starting a new game.

let me guess you choose give me gow difficulty so couldn't reduce to finish the last valk?

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