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Runa216 said:

Sony games (With only a handful of exceptions) Are not riddled with Microtransactions. When you buy something like God of War or Horizon or Ratchet & Clank or Demon's Souls or Returnal, you get a full game. Fullstop. Yeah, charging exorbitant prices on games that also have microtransactions and all that crap is bad, but for the most part Sony (And Nintendo) don't do that. And, since Inflation is a thing and game budgets are ballooning in order to keep up with demand, hiking the price up is perfectly reasonable. 

Remember, video games are a luxury, not essential. Either pay the price or don't, but whining about it just makes you look petty and ignorant of actual economic factors involved. 

This 'games shouldn't be 70 bucks' narrative is just baffling to me and always has been. Gamers as a whole are one of the most entitled groups of people I've ever met. a shame since videogames are my favourite medium by far. 

I always wait for price drops anyways. Haven't paid more than 50 USD for a game in years.

Last edited by DragonRouge - on 20 July 2022