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Agente42 said:
Shatts said:

Yes, but that's net income/profit not operating income. Since we're talking about the effect of game systems, we should be checking operating profit. 

You just assumed this.

Yes, but read through this thread. We are talking about the timing for the next-gen Nintendo console. 

The_Liquid_Laser said:

I agree.  Also, Nintendo's profits from the past two fiscal years are around twice what they were during the Wii/DS period's best years.  They really should be in no hurry to replace the Switch.  Whenever a new system releases there is a lot of uncertainty about how profitable it can be.  Meanwhile, they currently have their most profitable system ever.  I don't think they are going to replace it until it looks like profits (and software sales) have seriously declined from the current high.  Because of that I'd agree that 2025 looks like the most likely year for a successor.

Liquid Laser was talking about the most profitable system. It's bizarre that we don't assume we are talking about operating profit. Net profit has more to do than gaming, such as investment, debt, expenses, taxes, etc. For example, Nintendo could be investing something in the peak of Wii/DS era and earned positive cash flow recently. There could have been major outside negative cash flow in the Wii/DS era and such. Does that make sense? 

You were also talking about operating profit in the first place. The explanation for the "twice" doesn't even make sense either so you could have just apologized for your mistake or at least put up an excuse. At least Liguid_Laser could make the claim that he was looking at net profit. Btw u can't bcuz u were clearly talking about operating profit. 

Last edited by Shatts - on 20 July 2022