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Runa216 said:
DragonRouge said:

Day one... If it didn't cost 70 USD. I refuse to pay 70 dollars for games. I'll wait patiently.

Man, your head is gonna explode when someone teaches you about inflation. 

I bet there was a time when people said 'Bread? For more than a quarter? This country's gone to shit!" 

When it comes to electronics inflation doesn't always go up.  The medium costs less today than it did on the SNES/Genesis/N64.  A blank carts could cost up to $30 back than, while cd's, dvd's, blu ray's cost pennies and buying it digitally  cost's even less in distribution costs.  My first computer in the early 2000's costs double what my current macbook costs and it had less memory than my watch these days.  Tv's, blu ray players have all come down quite a bit over the years.  Yes the cost to make bigger and bigger games costs more, but that is for developers to figure out how to be as efficient as possible when making games, because there is a huge amount of gamers that are not willing to pay $70.  Developers also put in microtransactions and now nft's to try and squeeze more money out of gamers.  Hell you can buy 3 years of game pass for cheaper than 2 PS5 games if you search out a deal and get 3 years for $90-$100.