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Chrkeller said:
DonFerrari said:

So you don't remember how much Nintendo fans bashed patches and DLCs until Nintendo started doing them? Or remasters/remakes?

As soon as Nintendo start doing lootboxes and MTX you can bet there will be a lot of defense going on in VGC.

So to answer the question I asked, Nintendo in fact doesn't currently do lootboxes and MTX.  Thanks, that was my point.  

For the record I happily bash putting content behind Amibos.  I happily bash having to pay for online, same as I do for Sony and MS.  If Nintendo moves to lootboxes and MTX, I will bash them and STOP buying their products.

*I also do NOT support their online program with my money nor do I buy Amibos.  

So I am consistent, thus have zero idea what your point is.  

And circling back to the larger point.  Nintendo doesn't do lootboxes.  And Nintendo isn't alone.  There are PLENTY of options for non lootbox games.  Thousands in fact.  Gamers do NOT have to support lootboxes, they are electing to support lootboxes.

My point was that Nintendo isn't a haven. They are most likely late to the party as they were for updates, DLC, MP then paid MP, etc. And they do have games on smartphone that have lootboxes and MTX in case you don't know.

But sure I agree gamers elect to support the bad practices be it by not caring, fomo or whatever. Myself I don't buy dlc and other things, my plus is for the free games and discounts since I also don't play online.

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