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Agente42 said:
Shatts said:

No that is not true. Wii/DS best year profited 550 billion yen and that's about the same currently. Even without inflation calculated, the past two fiscal year are not twice of what the Wii/DS era was.

Nintendo during the Wii/DS best year was JPY 550  

The second is JPY 487.22

Nintendo's past two fiscal years: JPY 640 and 592. Without inflation it´s superior.  And the two are twice than Nintendo DS/Wii's best year ( more than twice)

? I'm so confused how is it twice, heck more than twice? Isn't twice equivalent to double? If my eyes aren't pulling tricks on me, it's not even close to double the profit. Even comparing the lowest to the highest, it's 487 to 640. Twice of 487 is 974 not 640.