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Chrkeller said:

Yeah, pretty much.  It is called economics.  Companies make products people want.  If something is selling it is because people want it.  While I may not want it, perhaps you don't either, that doesn't mean somebody else doesn't.  It isn't my place to act toxic and force a market to focus only on my wants.  

As an example if people truly hate lootboxes and MTX...  buy Nintendo (or Indie games).  Let the market know what is acceptable and what isn't with your wallet.  Companies follow money, full stop.  

Then really you are a part of the problem if you feel it's fine to offload onto customers, calling them stupid, shitting all over them and white knighting CEO's who make the scummy decisions. 

It doesn't matter what people want, it's the principle and intentional actions behind it, but I feel like that's fallen completely on your deaf ears.

It's like you can see something bad happening around you, and though you do not participate in that void, you are still more than able to call that out for what it is, instead of blocking your ears and yammering about "don't like it, don't buy it", because we know that advice doesn't completely work out unless you are of the higher number.

Bad shit can still exist and people cannot always care, and that's what I am trying to get at here, but you seem to want to excuse this willingly in order to torch another group, in order to benefit the group who are making the bad choices to begin with.

Nintendo is not a paragon of hope vs Lootboxes, so I have no idea where you're getting that from. Nintendo are the ones who ruled with a fucking iron fist in the 80's and partially the 90's. There have been stories from devs and customers alike back then, about their actions and poor decisions.

Companies always follow money, because that's what everyone needs in order to survive, it's been a known concept for countless centuries. 

I've been wasting my time trying to get you to notice that this industry is a two way street, and you're gawking back at me with "it's all in economics", when it bloody well isn't, otherwise, why the fuck are devs and CEO's fired and lambasted for making bad decisions and speaking like shitlords publicly?, like has that ever once crossed your mind?. 

The fact you want to defend those at the top for just being greedy or scummy makes me question your general ethics viewpoint.

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