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Chrkeller said:
Chazore said:

So you're saying we should excuse bad practices and instead just blame the customer instead, like the whole time?.

Just because you haven't bought into anything bad doesn't make life better for all. You aren't teaching anyone here with that advice, because I just told you the other day that there are plenty of folks out there who do not have the time of day to go skimming through reviews to see if something isn't riddled with shit.

You know what would make that less of a problem though?, devs and CEO's not putting in shit practices to begin with. 

You saw what happened with the video game crash, that wasn't the consumers fault, that was entirely on the devs and studios refusing to read the room.

You become a part of that same problem when you sit idly by going "told ya so", instead of taking the time out of your day to actively teach people to avoid such things and to also voice concern, which is why we see customers having these outbursts, because unlike you, some of them are sick of seeing it permeate throughout the industry.

I don't think you've thought this advice of yours through enough, because you're telling me that it's a one way street, when it clearly is not, otherwise life would be a living shithole if it truly was a one way street for everything by that logic. 

Yeah, pretty much.  It is called economics.  Companies make products people want.  If something is selling it is because people want it.  While I may not want it, perhaps you don't either, that doesn't mean somebody else doesn't.  It isn't my place to act toxic and force a market to focus only on my wants.  

As an example if people truly hate lootboxes and MTX...  buy Nintendo (or Indie games).  Let the market know what is acceptable and what isn't with your wallet.  Companies follow money, full stop.  

Except Nintendo ends up using all these as well and defended. Amibo locked DLC for me is something that no one else would get away with.

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