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I honestly don’t know why this is a thing. Nintendo has always done some odd or dumb things, regardless if they were successful or not. Didn’t anyone remember the Wii U/3DS days when they put stuff out like AC Amiibo Festival, in which you have to use amiibo to even play the game, which was negatively received due to its shallow gameplay and features? Or when they introduced the New 3DS XL in the Americas and didn’t include in a charger in the package and had a weird process of transferring data to the New 3DS XL? Or when they introduced the YouTube Partners Program? And let’s not pretend buying the same VC games on Wii U/3DS all over again was a fun process.

Nintendo will always do whatever they feel is right for them. But while they’re doing that, they’ve continuously do whatever they can to put out content that they think would be cool to play. They’ve been among the top publishers that have released the most games almost every year. Sure there are things that they need to work on in a management and a gaming aspect, but it’s always gonna be a work in progress.