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trunkswd said:
HigHurtenflurst said:

On the monthly hardware comparison DS March 2010 shows as 214.8k, while NS June shows as 226.7k.... Are these covering a slightly different period or is there something else i'm missing, as otherwise shouldn't latest month be 12k in favour of NS

Our system automatically puts specific weeks into each month. So what should be the last week of June the site has put that as part of July. I manually added that week for June comparisons.

So which weeks are covered? DS in March 2010 was doing 40-45k so that 214k is already a 5 week month, as far as I can tell NS in June sold more in 4 weeks than DS did in 5, if you are adding in the most recent week shouldn't the NS gap change in latest month be even larger? (almost 100k to NS)