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Chrkeller said:
Chris Hu said:

You can be an all-time great without being close to being in the top ten or even the top ten in the position you play in.  I'm going with the NFL to prove my, point Marcus Allen, Franco Harris, O. J. Simpson, John Elway, Johnny Unitas, Dan Fouts, Steve Young, Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr, Art Monk, Steve Largent, Michael Irvin, Don Hutson, Elroy Hirsch, Darrell Green, Mel Renfro, John Lynch, Richard Dent, John Randle, Randy White, Warren Sapp, Bob Lilly, and Merlin Olson are all all-time greats without being close to being in the top ten or top ten in their position they played.

The NFL comparison falls flat for me.  A NFL roster has 53 players, NBA has 15 players.  Of course an NFL all time great list is larger than an NBA.

But since we aren't making progress, let us try a different tactic.  Where do you rank Curry?  Top 15?  Top 20?  Top 30?  

Top 25, close to the top 20.  That being said there are at least 10 players under 30 currently in the NBA that will end up with better career by the time they are done playing Luka and Giannis are on the top of that list.