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1. Not buying from them

I like your point 2, it's how the market was always supposed to be. If you have high demand and not enough supply you increase the prices /thread 

But gamers,  namely the core gamers the ones who buy console first, are a different breed of consumer, they seems to like emotions over logic. If a company release their consoles let's say 300 USD more expensive than the current average they won't just wait until the price decrease, they will cry and riot because HOW DARE YOU TO ASK MORE MONEY AND MAKING ME WAIT MORE

I mean, people are obsessed with day one purchases even in a era where AAA games are released with shit tons of bugs and need day-one, week-one, month-one patches to be playable in first place. They will pre order it knowing they will get scammed just to rage about being scammed later 

So if companies release unaffordable hardware they will get alienated because they won't be able to play more buggy games day one on the console launch (even if most of those games are cross gen)

Last edited by IcaroRibeiro - on 14 July 2022