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Kai_Mao said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Bandai Namco I guess

My only issue is that Bandai Namco can do so much more than what they’re doing now. Sure they’ve ported some solid/great current Gen games (though I wished Soul Calibur VI was ported), older games, and released some unique smaller titles (even developing Smash Ultimate and New Pokemon Snap), but I would like to see bigger new games from their studios that don’t relate to Nintendo franchises. For example, Capcom was able to develop MHRise after MHW, why can’t BN develop an original Tales of game if Arise is considered tough to port? 

Capcom is solid with their retro content, but lacking in their more recent/newer games. There’s not much possibility of the more recent SF games (like 5 or 6) and only rumors of an original Resident Evil title coming to Switch. The Monster Hunter side, though, is great with Rise/Sunbreak and Stories 2 alongside Generations.

Sega/Atlus are kinda like Capcom, but they’ve released more current Gen games like Shining Resonance, Valkyrie Chronicles 4, 13 Sentinels, and, finally, the recent Persona games outside of 5 Strikers. Of course, Sonic has remained a staple and even Frontiers will come out Switch. No Yakuza games though..

Square Enix is probably the best third party developer on Switch in my opinion. Outside of the various retro FF and DQ ports, they’ve established a great trend on Switch. Octopath Traveler was a sign of things to come for Team Asano with the HD-2D focus, leading to Triangle Strategy, Live A Live, and DQ3 Remake. Bravely Default 2 was a solid game. DQXIS was an incredible game that was worth rebuilding from the ground up to work on Switch. Even Nier Automata is coming soon and looks pretty good for a PS4 game being ported. I guess the only issues are that there weren’t any games from their Western studios or Crystal Dynamics before they left (I.e., Tomb Raider, Hitman, etc.) outside of the GotG cloud game unless I missed something and the missed opportunity of the Kingdom Hearts series coming to Switch. Outside of KH3, the rest of the series could’ve been ported instead of being cloud versions. I think fans would’ve waited patiently a little longer if it meant seeing a physical/digital Kingdom Hearts game on Switch, but I guess they wanted to take advantage of the Sora in Smash hype.

I think the main difference is the power of IP. So many developers have stated that AA+ games nowadays are more expensive to make, and that's why IPs with less popularity don't survive because they need that manpower for something else, whereas a popular series like Monster Hunter can assure at least a return. Another thing is probably the motivation, obviously the development team has to have some kind of love towards the series they're working on, perhaps they don't have anyone that has the passion for that series?