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Leynos said:

No that was the 90s. Too much greed, monopolies. bad DLC, MTX creatively bankrupt publishers. I hate this idea ownership is going out of favor. Give me the 90s when we had a rapidly growing but healthy industry that was not risk-averse and full of innovation, new IPs, and arcades.

The 90s wasn't healthy by any means. Sega bankrupted, arcades were already dying. Nintendo started their decline in console space after the N64. No Microsoft yet. One failed game sales wise and often a studio would close their doors. Gaming development was a quite expensive and restricted market, it wasn't something anybody could enter and compete. 

Not to say the release window for games. Many games never got to be released outside Japan. If you weren't privileged to have born in USA and western Europe you could expected your console to be released 2-3 years late and the games would often not be localized or even released at all. With no proper marketplace to import (considering you have the money to spend) gaming was about playing whatever was released. No reviews, no way to advertise games aside the paid mediums. I was born in a third world country and 80s and 90s were a dark age for gaming.